The Basics of Getting Your Website Right

website development

I’ve built hundreds of websites for small business owners, and a common experience is that many small businesses don’t know where to start when it comes to building a website that works. Many have already been burned by previous web designers who overpromised and underdelivered, or simply delivered something too complex for the specific small…

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What Thousands of Small Businesses Have Taught me

colored pencils for branding

Over the course of my 25 year career I have sat down with thousands of small business owners to discuss their biggest challenges and how to overcome them. I’ve helped many business owners, and they in turn have taught me invaluable lessons about marketing a small business. Here are the most crucial small business lessons…

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Getting Your Blog Off The Ground

blog ideas

My work puts me in contact with small business owners and solopreneurs on a regular basis. The vast majority of them wear many hats, one of the most important being sales and marketing. Too many of them are overwhelmed when it comes to digital marketing. Creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your small business…

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